An open, collaborative repository of radio-identifiable, or "sniffable", things, represented as structured data.

There are billions of radio-identifiable "things" on our planet today, and there are billions more produced each year. Many of these will actively emit an identifiable radio signal (Active RFID such as Bluetooth Low Energy advertise mode). And even more will passively reflect an identifiable radio signal when excited by a reader (Passive RFID such as RAIN).

The Sniffypedia project allows anyone to contribute information about the these "things" and their associated identifiers, not unlike a phone book for the Internet of Things. Every "thing" is represented as structured data in the form of machine-readable and JSON-LD as championed by the major search engines, and includes a human-readable HTML representation. In future, we would expect product manufacturers to host such representations on their own servers at which point Sniffypedia would instead point to their URL.

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The Sniffypedia source is available via GitHub and the index is available via npmjs.

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